Can't Boot into Android 4.1

Feb 22, 2014
I originally posted this to the Tablet Q&A forum, but, I never got a reply. So I have copied it to this forum in hope of some answers.

2 weeks ago I finally spent the $20.00 and replaced the battery in my Sanei N78 tablet. During the week that followed I had no trouble that is till last Monday night.

After using my Tablet till the battery ran down I plugged it in to recharge. This time however, instead of getting the Android opening screen, I got nothing. So I pressed the on button till the Sanei's logo spinning color wheel page appeared. But, instead of continuing booting on in to the Android opening screen, it just stayed stuck on that spinning color wheel.

Since this has happen to me before I proceeded to use what I call the reset command (pressing the power and up volume buttons simultaneously).

Yet, instead of giving me a choice to reset or not, all I got the Android logo laying on its back with its access panel open and an exclamation point in a red triangle. Which after a few minutes returns to the spinning color wheel page?

I keep trying difference combinations of the power/volume up/volume down buttons; however, all I get is the "dead" Android logo or the spinning color wheel.

What has gone wrong?

Has the “drive” containing the Android operation system failed? Has Android itself become corrupted? Is there a fix?

In the meantime, since I haven't received a reply to my original posting, I have now resorted to one final desperate measure.

I have disconnected the battery and going to let the Tablet sit unpowered for the next 48 hours in hope that if there is anything preventing the Tablet to boot into Android this will clear it out.

If not, then I have another paperweight for my desk
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