Can't connect to the internet


Jan 20, 2011
I have a wifi network here at home with WEP security. I have two laptops and one android incredible phone that connect just fine and I am the one that set them up.

I just received my Augen gentouch78 today and opened it up and connected it to my network. It actually connected just fine and shows signal strength strong and even has it's own IP address.

My problem is that nothing connects, the browser, the app store just do not connect to the internet even after restarting several times.

The only thing that I can see that is questionable is under Wireless & Network Settings the place were it says Wi-Fi MAC address it is grayed out and says unsuccessful.

The only other though is that my wifi router is an older model and I only think does A&B however I don't think my gentouch would be saying successfully connected if this was the issue. Anyone have any ideas?
try removing the password on your router and see if that fixes it. Android devices are picky with there router selection
You are right, when I removed the password the internet worked just fine. I suppose this means I won't be able to encrypt my wifi? or were you just asking me to do that as the first trouble shooting step? I am open to any other ideas you might have to keep the encryption.

Running a wireless router with no security is a really bad idea.
While you're absolutely correct, following-up to an eight-month-old thread is probably a really futile gesture ;)

(Of course: I've never done that...