Can't unlock 10" Tablet !


May 12, 2012
Hi...HELP !!:p:mad:

I have forgotten my password to unlock my 10"Tablet's a 'Vimicro' Generic' 2.3 ...I have only ever used 6 passwords in my digital life so there is not any new or false passwords created. I have 'reset' (little hole) but still it won't unlock !....anybody >>>>>:mad: HELP ?????:confused:
If the WiFi was turned on it should ask you for your Google credentials after about 5 attempts. If that doesn't work the reset hole only restarts the tablet. You would need to do a factory reset
I had a similar problem with a Zenithink 180(with this brand being a form of chinese water torture) the issue I had was with a screen lock where you are required to link up a pattern with a series of small round discs that are shown on the screen,this screen lock was entered by a previous user who couldnt remember the pattern he had used.
I went to the Android forum where I was transfered to the Zenithink site and from there I was able to get a few tips on disabling te screen lock,however on powering on one morning it allowed me to access the menu from where I was able to scroll down and find screen lock settings where I was able to unclick screen lock,and away we went,but this didnt change the fact that this tablet is the most useless piece of technology that I have ever come across.
One thing that was suggested to methrough the Zenithink forum was that if the system had been set up using language other than what you require and te seller/supplier had entered the purchasers prefered language prior to shipping it,the maufacturers original language setting may be the only one to come up following a factory reset.and you would then need to find someone that spoke the stored language to gude you to language settings
Also is there 2 small holes down the side of the tablet with one marked reset and the other which is usually below this one marked with a pin symbol?if so this second hole could be the audio setting reset or it could be the factory reset setting hole,but just remember if you press it it may go back to the place of maufacture language setting which may be chinese and then you will have to take it down to the local chinese takeway and in exchange for buying some chinese dim sums ask them to guide it to the language setting and from there click on to your prefered language,other than that you might need to do what I have done in the forum and ask for some advice on how to throw it far enough away that you wont find it,but make sure you throw it in the direction of some feral neighbours that you dont really care about and by doing that you might just inflict some bad kama on them.
Good luck
My girl is getting fed up with my constant bad language.....and the fact that my Tablet is having its holes thoroughly poke more than she is at the moment! ...I hate to lose out....and so does she...we have tried every password we both have ever used with our 4 devices and my concentration at 'delicate' times is waning badly, but still getting the 'pleasure' done ..I'm getting smacked every time she reckons my mind is wandering ...its not doing nothing for the Tab..but boy!...does it do our SM 'life' a treat.
Is there no other ways to 'beat' this digit thing .... my dog has more faith in me than this HORRIBLE B...Y ****E OF CHINESE WON TON TAB !!!!!!!