Chainfire 3D on rooted Ziio...


Jul 21, 2011
I installed it on my Creative Ziio 10".
My Ziio is rooted. i installed driver without problems.
Installed all plugins...

i Tested 3 Games. Pinbal for Tegra , Solitaire for Tegra...
Activited Nvidia plugin, and no one work.
All 3 Gams tell me i dnot have Nvidia Tegra Hardware.

If anyone have rooted ziio like me, plz test it. Chainfire is a very nice app.
I know we dnot heve multi touch display, but many games no need multitouch.

Any ideas why it dnot work on ziio `?
ZiiO still lacks the Tegra 2 hardware, which is based on dual core Cortex A9 chip + Nvidia GPU. ZiiO10 has single core Cortex-A8 cpu + ZiiLabs' media processor. So if the game is meant for Tegra 2 hardware, it won't work.

However there are plenty of other games to download in Android Market, so I guess there are some good alternatives too! :)
i Know, but many Tegra games works with Chainfire 3D Driver, @lowerer hardware like ziio, HTC Desire, or Samsug galaxy tab or nexus one.

My Ziio have > 2000 Points in Quadrant Benchmark. Its not bad.