Changing boot animation and boot splash images(?).


Jan 23, 2011
Boot splash images = static images that display on boot up. On my tablet, this is the InfotMIC logo, then a planet, then the green WowPad screen.

Boot animation = the animation that plays after the static images during boot up. On my tablet this is (was) the Earth with little balls flying overhead.

Changing the boot animation that plays after the static boot images is easy. You just need to replace the file in the /system/media folder of your internal memory (requires root access) with the animation of your choice (you can find some to download). Or you can use an app like Boot Animation Changer.

Changing the boot splash images is proving to be more of a challenge, and I have yet to find a straightforward method. Here's what I know:

The boot splash image is contained in a file called initlogo.rle within the ramdisk.img file in the file of the firmware update. There are tools to create images of this format through a series of conversions, and there appear to be ways to unpack and repack the .img file, but I haven't been able to make this work yet. I am hoping that someone knows a much easier way to do this, perhaps by replacing a file someone in the root?

If you have tips on how to easily change the boot splash, please let us know!