Changing Google Account


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Mar 13, 2013
I recently bought an Android Tablet and configured it to use the same Google account as my phone, I can manage the apps on both devices from one account, etc. However, I'm giving that tablet to someone else, so I don't want my email, contacts, browsing history, etc going to that device, but I still want to be able to check what apps are installed, etc on the tablet. I'm thinking that I need to add a separate google account to the tablet and configure it to use that second account instead of the one that I'm using now, and remove the first one.
Here are the questions:
  1. If I configure it to use a different account instead, will the apps have to be reinstalled
  2. Is there some way that I can link the second google account to my account so that I can still manage the tablet
  3. Is there another way to do this?



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Dec 27, 2011
As far as I know what you just described can't be done. You could remove your account then add the other one. All stock apps data would be retained and maybe even any free apps and knowing the user name and password of that account would still give you some control. The legality of that is questionable. You can't really link 2 accounts together.