Check your LCD Touchscreen Panel for Defective Pixel or Color Bleeding


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Aug 4, 2010
Seems to be some defective pixels are showing up on the LCD Panel on these units. To check if you have one of these issues. Shutdown the unit. Then turn it back on. After the GenTouch 78 logo disappears check your screen for Stuck Pixels. Light bright spots on the black background. Use the Browser mode to check for Dead Pixels and Color Distortions.

1. Dead Dot pixel (black)
If you see this the panel would need to be replaced since this can't be repaired because the pixel is dead. You usually see this on white or light backgrounds.

2. Stuck Dot pixel (bright white pixel that is always on.)
If you see this the panel had bright pixel where light goes through it. Might be shades of blue, green or red.

3. Color Distortion (Color Bleeding)
If you see this what you're reading right now the background would look like a light or bright red on the white/grey backgrounds. Normally if you touch the screen the color might change also.

What to do if you got #1 issue?
Either contact AuGen and report the issue since your device comes with 1 year warranty or take the unit back to Kmart for replacement since you get 90 days refund/return/exchange policy.

What to do if you got #2 issue?
Well this problem could disappear in a few days or take years. Or you can live with the bight spots that show up in black backgrounds. More than one I would either contact AuGen or take the unit back to Kmart doing your 90 days refund/return/exchange policy

What to do if you got #3 issue?
Contact AuGen and report the problem, but if you just got the unit you should take it back to Kmart for exchange.

What causes these issues? Bad manufacturing of panel grade.
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