chinese MID advice - android market, flash, root


Dec 20, 2011
my friend has bought one of these for theirs sons xmas present, only to just realize they cant access the android market to install some games and since im the technical person i have been given the job of getting it sorted ready for christmas and wont be recieveing the unit until tomorrow

here's the ebay listing and the specs, i cant seem to find what model it is or what speed the processor is how can i identify it

7" touch screen WiFi Google Android MID Tablet PC | eBaySpecifications:
OS: Google Andriod 1.6
Display: 7" 16:9 widescreen 800x480
Touch Control: Full size touch screen operation, sliding menu, functional icon dragging
Storage: 2GB (Upgradable up to 32GB with High speed SD-Card)
Orientation Sensor: automatic steering display screen
LAN: 802.11b/g/n
Sounds: Stereo Speakers Device, built in Microphone
Battery: 1600MAH(10.5V/30W)
Adapter: Input:100-240v/50-60MHz1.7A
Output: 17V 3.5A
Max.power: 65w
Weight: 0.3Kg(including battery)
Thickness: 13mm
Meas: 240mm*180mm *80mm
Accessory: adapter,battery ,user's manual

what id like to know is what can be done to this so its more usable ie android market, and let it run English apps, decent games, youtube, facebook etc (just going by what i have read on the posts at this stage until i can actually have a play myself)

will flashing it with another version of android fix it? can it run honeycomb or ICS? how do i know what version it can run and of what?
or will rooting it fix it?

i have read a heap of posts about these chinese units
on the internet and found this!topic/android-market/qvaigxgOlV4
What a load of mince, I love my MID and had it flashed pretty quickly after receiving it. The worst part is finding the env_uboot file that suits the model of tablet you have. Once you've done that it's a piece of piss to flash. Just because you don't like of something doesn't mean that it is "crap" or a scam. Some people need something cheap but functional, I was one of them. With a bit of reworking, this tablet became perfect for me. Sure, the Chinese version of Android and Market that were installed were not particularly great but it can be fixed. If anyone has one of these tablets, just spend some time searching and you will get it sorted. Don't "throw it in the garbage", when you get it running a sane version of Android, you will most likely love it, I know I do.

whats the env_uboot and where can i fond the one i need?

i have never touched an android device so dont know what to do but have hacked my phone, iphones wii's etc so know what im doing just dont know the tools or process with android

thanks in advance hopefully i can get this working before xmas

so what do i need to do to flash or root this device? just a basic run down on where i can find the info or what i need thanks
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As it's very hard to know what model it is I doubt you will be able to find a ROM or that there will be any developer support. However, there is an alternative app store that should be more than adequate

To install just follow these instructions

In the browsers address bar go to
Pull down the notification bar when the file has finished downloading
Press on appslib_2.apk or similar
Press OK if any warning messages appear, follow instructions
And done

Appslib is a store that is used by tablet manufacturers as they are disallowed access to Android Market.

Note - Some apps might not work
so if i want to flash it to a different version i need to find a rom that someone else has made that suits this model?
and im guessing the rom is the OS that can be either honeycomb or ICS etc?

thanks ill give the app thing a go and see if i can find out anything more about this device when i see it
No problem

It could be 2.2, 2.3 but I doubt there is any Honeycomb ones because the source code isn't open. ICS has just come out.

Yes, you need to find a ROM specifically for that model.
i have some more info
model number: generic
Firmware version: 1.6
build number: WMT2.1.2 105
kernel version: 2.69-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty

can that help me to find the correct type to get a rom?
should i be installing a custom recovery ? doesnt work its not compatible with this device

ok so progress i have installed honeybee v2
but the android market wont work i get "no matching content"...?
what do i do?

ok so i tried updating the honeybee version to V9
and it installs but its a bit slower than the honeybee version 2 but still having the android market problem

anyone got any ideas?
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Settings--> Applications--> Manage applications-->Market.
In that clear the "cache" and "Clear the Data". Then it might work.

To speed it up just disable any live wallpapers and remove unwanted apps (as that will stop them running in the background).
This tablet doesn't have the fastest CPU so it won't have lightning speed. Try to resolve market first and then I can help you root the tab with the tap of a button. Then you can overclock (if the tablet supports it). I think the ROM you have put on this tablet is fine and it's always better to have the latest version. Does everything seem to be stable and okay?
i have already tried that
but clear data isnt available i have done clear cache tho and reboot n still nothing

i also cant uninstall any apps that came with the rom..?
i tried going through the uninstaller app thats on there and also holding it down and clicking uninstall

also i cant install any apk apps i have downloaded except for the rom tester app so i dont know if there the wrong ones or what...

is there an android market apk file i can use to try and install it again?

and where can i download some games to put on here so at least it will have some for the kids if i cant fix the market
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GetJar is another alternative marketplace. Try that. Visit on you're tablet. Click on an app and it will ask you to download the App. If it asks you what device just say Archos 70 G8.

Maybe it isn't suitable for the Tablet, how did you find the ROM?

Market -
Hi, good day!

I have an old android tablet (china made ) without any markings, serial number and etc, problem ko lang po nakalimutan ng anak ko ang lock pattern nya, How can i solve this problem?? wherein the goggle account as well is forgotten...