Help Needed Identifying and Rooting Chinese Tablet


May 21, 2011
Hi, I am a newbie an a bit brain dead when it comes to this stuff.
I have just bought a 7' Chinese tablet which wont do a darn thing, won't download from it's own apps market and the wi-fi is pathetic.
2.2 Android Froyo
Via 8650 800mhz
DDR2 256
54Mbps 802.11B/G
2GB Flash
Can anyone help identify it and give me a step by step to root it ?
Good seems that there is no "Step by Step" to root your Tablet and if I ever figure it out, I'm going to write one for Newbies.
Thanks senorjack. I have just read your thread - good stuff. Real solid 'old school' - keep it up there aren't many of us left ! Let me know how you get on 'rooting'. My tablet is very similar to yours so it might work on mine as well.
cletus, with my two night's experience :)D) on using Android, I can say that the rooting is not that hard to do. Try this: install Applanet, then search for app named z4root, install it and run. Then choose "root" from the menu.

I would not be surprised if you had the exact same tablet as I do, or very similar anyway. z4root did it for me. Well, actually my tablet was rooted already when purchased, but I did not know it before I had already done rooting, then unrooting and rooting again. Hehe.

If the z4root does not do it for you, try and search some other rooting apps.

You can do the installing the "hard" way too, by first downloading the .apk-file from some site to your PC, then copying it to a memory stick, putting the stick into tablet and running it from there.
Thanks Jani. I will try it when I get home from work. It's 6.15am here in GB and another day at the office beckons.
Same here, iI just got a 7" kylin MID with Android 2.2.1. It has GPS and phone function, the processor is ARM11 with 256MB DDR2 RAM and 2GB flash. I have no clue to "root" this device. Yesterday I use reVoked reflash but it said "device kylin is not supported this time".
Dear all...
I need help for problem of my tablet
i'm newbie here..also newbie for tablet.., I have one tablet from china with the name superpad..., I have trouble now..,after i have rooted using z4root.., andthen i click the unroot buton, finally the tablet i found no application and system information...everything gone...
I reset the tablet, be worst...,just appear words said infocom, andthen blank...5 minutes the tablet self re-boot and appear the words again...
Please advises and solution for back normal the tablet..
thank you very much..