Cloud Streaming Video Player

Pat Cook AKA Bach Patu

Junior Member
Sep 25, 2014
Does anyone know of a FREE cloud video streaming player that uses or utilizes the functionality of Google Drive which will work better on a SKYTEX SP1020 ?? I thought Video Cloud would work but it only seems to load the audio portion of the video & not the video portion

All of my videos are encoded on H.264 AVI for size & (In some cases) bitrate consideration

Have AVI videos stored on the external SD Card & I have no problem at all playing those

At least by having stored in the cloud on a place like GD & streamed over the Internet, I can have access to ALL of my videos (As opposed to just a handful of them stored on the SD Card) & I don't have to deal the asynchronicities & other issues associated with home based DLNA servers like Serviio, Plex, etc.

So peeps - Any ideas as to what I might try now ??

Cheers :)