Coby 1126 stucked on coby loading screen


May 26, 2012

I have an 1 mo old Coby Kyros mid1126 android tablet. The day before the official update of ics for my tablet it restarted it self and got stuck in coby loading screen. I am frustrated and I can't find the method to revive it. I need to mention that I have experienced random self-restarts of my device before the incident and that the restart pinhole button does not work (it restarts the device but tablet is still stuck). Also my device is not rooted! I have seen a lot of posts for this problem but for other devices and none was helpful or there was no answer!

Please help, regards,

Ok, I didn't slept last night trying to revive my tablet.
I can just say that my tablet now works better than before!

First I did a fastboot boot with 1125-recovery image that i found on KTZ forum. It unbricked my tablet but touchscrenn did not work.
Then i stumble upon this tutorial for installing ICS on my device --> . I plugged the mouse and I went trough the tutorial.

:DNow i have a fully functional ICS tablet and I am so happy. Even my files was intact :D only have to reinstall the programs.

Hope this will help someone:D
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i figured out a much easyer way to get tablet to do a factory reset i used a modifyed usb deiver adb doesnt work but i can finally get fastboot to work so all you do is power on while pressing volume down to get into fastboot mode then open a cmd prompt and type fastboot -w then when its done fastboot reboot quite simple this is the modifyed usb driver that i used might work without it give it a try before you go flashing mods on device unzip then go to device manager right click on android then update diver software then browse my computer for driver software then let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer click have disk then browse find the driver you unzipped android_winusb.inf click on it press ok select the first option then do the fastboot commands and you should be set it should reboot into a fresh android system took me almost 2 weeks to figure this out
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