Coby 7125


Dec 26, 2011
Edit: after seeing "[Ultimate How To] Coby Kyros MID7127" I was able to piece together everything and finally install the full market. I assume most people on here have more knowledge than myself but would be willing to post how I got everything to work if someone needs it. I have tried so many things today that I am not sure exactly what ended up working. I can say that if I followed the above mentioned tutorial from the start I most likely would of been successful. The world is no longer falling and I have a fully installed market. This site rocks.

Not another post from someone who doesn't know what they are doing!!!! They broke the tablet and now need help!!!! AH!!!!!!!

Anyways, I recently purchased the coby 7125 and wanted the market on it. After looking at thousands of posts and seeing more tutorials than I would ever want to I decided that it was best for me to just take the tablet back to its default settings and deal with what I have, which is a $150ish tablet with limited capabilities. I was able to root the tablet using ADB, CWM, etc, etc, etc and install the market correctly only to find out that all of the apps that I want would show up as not being capable on my device. Some questions that I would like to have answered now that I am running into problems which I can not find solutions.

1. I was able to use ADB tools properly on a XP machine but my Vista machine at home does not find the driver. Any solutions?

2. Noob Question - Does the factory reset using CWM do the same thing as the default coby recovery console?

3. Appslib no longer works and now gives me the same message "Sorry, but your device is not compatible with Appslib". Any solutions?

I just want to get my coby back to an out of the box condition. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Dec 21, 2011
freewarelovers has adobe flash for the browser that comes with it. applanet has skyfire browser which will solve most troubles. so far, applanet has enough stuff free that I don't need android market.