Coby 812X charging issues


Senior Member
Jan 27, 2013
I have a couple issues, and I figured i might as well combine 'em in one post.

First, I have an 8120 that charges up fine, and the LED turns blue when it's done. Problem is, the LED stays on--very dimly--when the charger is unplugged from the unit. There is a tiny current passing through the LED--either the right way or the wrong way--and the battery drains over time if not plugged in. My knowledge of LEDs is minimal, and since I can't even see any polarity markings on this tiny thing, I have no way to test it. has anyone else seen this, and is it more likely the LED, or some other component elsewhere? Replacing that thing looks damn near unpossible.

Second, I have an 8125 that won't run, won't charge. The power management chip gets hot, so it's at least trying to do something, but there are some toasted-looking Tantalum caps on the board. I've noticed on some other Cobys that plugging in a higher-voltage charger will pop a T-cap and disable the PM circuit. Thing is, those caps explode, where these are merely turning brownish orange (they're yellow to start with). Has anyone encountered this?