TF300 Will Not Accept Charge (New Battery/New Cords)

Andrew h

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Aug 15, 2014

Okay, so here is the situation. I lost my original power adapter and purchased a new one. It was not an asus charger(was a knock off). While this charger did charge the tablet i was not able to get the cord out of the tablet. Yes it jammed itself in there and it had no button to remove it. With some fussing i managed to get the adapter out but the whole center part of the power connector on the cord some how broke off inside my tablet. At this point i ordered a new charge cable from Asus. When i got the new cord and wall charger i plugged it into the tablet and the little orange LED turned on but the tablet would not accept a charge(ie i left it plugged into the wall for 10+++hours). At this point i began reading some forums that said maybe my battery was fried and i thought that this might be plausible. I got the new battery, installed it into the tablet and lo and behold i get the same problem. The charge light comes on but it does not matter how long i charge nothing is going to the battery.
I also have the keyboard/battery for the tablet. If i plug this into my wall charger the orange light comes on, charges the keyboard then the light turns green. Can anyone help me?
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Early in your post I said to myself that the battery wasn't the problem. There are 2 possibilities, the charger is no outputting the 15v required by the TF300, (most chargers are only 5v) or the charging port has been bunged up which is an even worse problem. There are a lot of pins in that connector and all it takes is one or 2 of them not making full contact to not get a charge.

If you connect your TF300 using that cable, to a running PC with the tablet off for at least 5 hours you should see "some" charge, not a lot but that would rule out the port.
Hello leeshor

Thank you so much for your help. I have had the tablet charging on my laptop for around 4 hours so far. I will leave it there for another 4 hours and then I'll see where it's at. Replacing the charge port will actually be very simple if that is indeed the cause. I saw one on Ebay for $14. I pulled the ribbon cable and charge port out of the tablet a little earlier and inspected the port. I could not really see any damage to any of the pins. But i would need a magnifying glass to say for sure. Is it possible that the previous connector I had in my tablet shorted the charging circuit on my motherboard?
Personally my magnifying glass would need to be a foot across. ;)

Good luck with it.