Coby Kyros 7021 shipped instead of 7012 - should I be happy?


Dec 8, 2011
New to the board and tablets in general. I recently ordered my son a Coby Kyros MID7012-4G from I had already done a bit of research on this board so that I would know some of the basics. The shipment arrived yesterday, and they had shipped a 7021 instead of a 7012. No explanation as to why.

Not knowing much about tablets, I'm wondering if I should contact Walgreens about the different model or be satisfied with what I got. The 7021 has a camera, while the 7012 does not. Aside from that, and the placement of buttons, I can't tell any difference. Any help/suggestions?

I've also noticed that while there is a lot of information on here about the 7012, there's almost nothing regarding the 7021. As a noob, that may be a drawback.

7012 and 7120 are obscure Kyros models: they seem to be manufactured by Coby, but there is no info about them in Coby's website. 7021 seems to be the same...
Hi dangar,

Welcome to the board, glad you could join us. As a newbie to android too, I can definitely understand the confusion with the model numbers, but that what lfom says makes sense to me. If you can get the system information on it and share that someone here can confirm that it's the same internals (chip set) as the 7012. Though it's probably just a newer version of the 7012. I bet that's what it is, because of the button placement and camera being added.
Wow it is, and you can download the user manual for it too, thanks lfom! Hmm, I see it says it's expandable to 16GB, I thought this model and all Coby's were possible to expand up to 32GB.
Your probably lucky you got something else...While this tablet might be good for some, I find it slow , won't really play Angry Birds and getting around on it is like driving a tank compared to the other tablet I'm trying out..Arnova 7 G2
Dangar, found this website by searching the google box: coby kyros 7021.

Just glancing at the tech specs section I notice that the 7021 is running Android 2.2 instead of the 2.3 running on MID7012. Also, it says flash memory capacity is up to 4GB. They may be referencing the onboard memory capacity but if that is in fact the SD memory capacity it is significantly less than the 32GB that the MID7012 is upgradeable to.

Other than that, the camera seems like a cool addition but when will you really use it? Maybe for skype if it is on the screen side of the tablet. Otherwise, I'm betting your phone has a better quality camera and is more functional than what you have on the Kyros.

Up to you, but if the tech specs from that site are correct, I would return it.
Yeah I can't help but agree with GerrittP about returning it, dangar, you ordered a gingerbread (2.3) system and were sent one with 2.2 and the sd storage is half of what it should be. Sounds like this is a step backwards for Coby. Not forward. It might be worth going through the hassle of returning it and spending your cash elsewhere if walgreen's can't provide what they sold you. :(
Just now having a chance to check back. I appreciate everyone's input. The specs from the box on the 7021 are:
Memory: 4GB flash with microSD slot expandable to 32GB - I have a 16GB card in now and it seems to work fine
Processor: ARM 11 800 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
OS: Android 2.3 (Tablet settings show Version 2.3.3)

So given that it does apparently have ability to expand to 32GB and runs gingerbread, I suppose I will keep this tablet. It will be a Christmas present for my 9-yr old, so I don't think he will be happy with its performance.

Thanks again!
Ah, well that changes things then, it sounds like its comparable to the right one after all. Congratulations on your new tablet dangar! :D