Coby Kyros Internet Tablet 7" Android OS 2.1,


Nov 1, 2010
Somehow managed to change the language on the Coby and can't get it back to English. Was trying to change the time.Can anyone help me get it to English and set the time correctly. Thanks


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Oct 5, 2010
Can you not get it back into English because you can't read the Settings?

If that's the case all you need to know are the Settings menu icons and position of options in the list so you can fix it without being able to read the language.

1. Hit the Menu button and click the "Dial" icon in the lower right OR click the drawer and launch "Settings" directly (again, "Dial" icon)
2. Scroll down list until you see an square icon with an "A..." inside it. Click on that settings item.
3. The first item on the sub-menu is the Language/Locale setting - click it and you'll get a list of all the available languages, find yours and select it.

Time settings are, of course, under the "Date & Time" option in the Settings menu.


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Aug 4, 2010
start at the home screen
press [M]
Press the gear [far right icon)
count downwards to 9 and press the ninth one
press first entry
countdown to 6 and press the sixth one English US
to get back to the main settings menu press lower entry from [ M ] [ -- ] [ _] ]*
scroll down to then entry next to the last one is Date & Time.
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