Coby Kyros MID1125


Apr 6, 2012

I have a Coby Kyros MID1125. I would really really like to put a market on it that has popular apps like Kindle or Netflix. The only Market that I have been able to successfully download from is Getjar... Not the greatest, and does not have those specific apps. I am not very computer/tablet literate and need help getting this accomplished. I have read many of the posts on here and from what I can tell, I need to root my device in order to install markets? What is rooting and how do I do it? Also have read that I need ADB, how do I do this, what is it, and why do I need it? Please please help, this tablet is soooo frustrating!:confused:
I found this on another site, it said no rooting needed....but it also said to drag the files to the root of my device. What is the root of my device if I am not rooting it?

I hope this helps some people out there, because it drove me nuts trying to find a way to do this for the MID1125 since it's so new...

First off, I was told by the two main rooting software developers that there is currently no way to root my device, so I needed to find a way to add Market without rooting the tablet. BTW, I’m running 2.3.3.

Secondly, none of the guides on how to add Android Market out there worked for me (once again because my tablet is too new). Every time I tried to use Market, it would just keep crashing, so here is how I did it:

1. Turn on the Debugging Mode (Settings>Applications>Development, then check the box).

2. If you have a microSD card in the tablet, safely eject it.

3. Plug your Kyros into your computer with the supplied USB cable and turn USB Storage on. You will then be prompted to open a window up, so do that because that is the internal storage of your tablet.

4. Download and unzip the file I attached to your computer (there should be 8 files in the zip).

5. Drag the 8 files onto the root of your device.

6. Turn off USB Storage on your tablet and disconnect the cable.

7. On your tablet, use a file managing program. I use the one that came stock on the unit, which is ES File Explorer. Once this program is open, you should see “/sdcard/” on the top left. If you don’t, click the home picture toward the top left. Now when you scroll down, you will see the 8 files that you dragged onto the tablet. Install them in the order that they are listed by selecting each one at a time, which should be GoogleBackupTransport.apk, GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk, GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk, GoogleFeedback.apk, GooglePartnerSetup.apk, GoogleServicesFramework.apk, Talk.apk, and Vending.apk.

8. Once all 8 files are successfully installed, reboot your tablet, and when it comes back on, click the Market icon, and log in with the normal Google username and password (or create a new account if you don’t have one).

9. Turn off the Debugging Mode (Settings>Applications>Development, then uncheck the box) and you should be good to go.

here is the link
Adding Android Market to Coby Kyros MID1125 (no rooting) - xda-developers