Coby Kyros MID1125

Dec 21, 2011
I first want to say that I am not good AT ALL with electronics so bare with me. I bought my stepdaughter the Coby Kyros MID1125 for Christmas. I wanted to get some games and movies on there for her to play with when she opens it Christmas morning. I already got the Android Market thanks to a youtube video, but I'm having trouble figuring out how she is supposed to watch movies on there. I know this is a general question, but like I said, I'm not good at all with electronics... Thanks!
Easiest way is simply copying the movies to an external SD and then inserting it on tablet. You can also download the movies from an online service like Dropbox, etc, or connect your tablet to your computer, restart it and use storage mode, so you can copy files to the internal card. Movies should be available in the Gallery app that almost all tablets have: it scans storage for playable files and pics. Don't use exhotic file formats because they may not be recognized.

Also, install a better player, like BSPlayer Lite, MX Video Player or MOBO, all free. They offer more features, like subtitle support, etc.