Coby Kyros MID8125 Cannot turn back on!


Dec 26, 2011
I bought this tablet for my son for Christmas. He was playing with it all day, and despite being frustrated that AppsLib was not working, everything else seemed to be fine. Then, before supper, he pressed the power button to save the battery, but did not fully turn it off. When he went back to play with it, pressing the power button would not turn it back on. We had him recharge it several times. The main button turns red when plugged in, and the M and arrow buttons light up when you touch them, however the screen never comes up, so we can't even turn it off properly!
Has anyone else had a similar problem? It's as if the video has died. We didn't get the extended warranty, so it looks like we will have to ship it to the manufacturer under the one year warranty. Is there anyway to fix it locally?

Thanks for considering...
Thanks, I had tried the reset hole with the stylus, but apparently it was too short. A paperclip did the trick!
McGyver strikes again! Saving the world with chewing gum and paper clips! :p

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I have this same problem with my 7125, and the reset button doesn't appear to be doing anything at all, any other ideas guys?