nook turns off and wont turn back on


Apr 23, 2012
This is my second nook regarding the same problem. So, could it be the n2A card?

My first nook turned off by itself and wouldn't turn back on.recharged it and it looked like it was recharged (green U) I returned it on an extended warranty and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. So, they gave me a refurbished one and now after just two weeks it turned off again and won't turn back on
I've learned not to assume anything, so don't be insulted when I ask did you try removing the n2a card before turning it on?
It sounds like you might have the wifi sleep of death. Not sure what version of N2A you got but this seems likely. If you don't want to do anything yourself contact N2A and see if the can exchange your card for a newer one where the issue has been fixed.

If you want to learn about your Nook you are welcome to come check out all of the information here Nook. I promise not to bite ;)

Essentially this is a known problem with early versions of CM7 (still may be an issue, not sure) where the wifi creates an issue when the device tries to go into a deep sleep. The device might appear to be off but it is really stuck in sleep mode and only the screen is off. The simple solution is to hold the power button for about 10 seconds. This will actually power all of the way off. Then just power on and use as normal.

It is a sporadic issue so just power down and power on as necessary. It won't hurt anything but can be annoying until you decide to update to a fixed version of CM7.