Coby MID8065 tablet


Jan 5, 2013
Hello all,

I am attempting to ressurect a COBY MID8065 tablet.
Tablet is stock, no changes or additions, not rooted. SD card installed.
Issue: When you press power button, you get the COBY logo on a black screen. nothing else.
I have tried to get to the reset screen, by pressing PWR & Vol-, no joy, PWR & Vol+, no joy
PWR & Vol- & Vol+, no joy.

I have seen other posts about using PWR & back button. The problem here is that until the tablet boots up, the three screen "Virtual" buttons in the lower left corner of the screen, don't appear.

I hooked up the tablet to my PC and it does not recognize it. I used the PWR & vol+ buttons and got a notification that new hardware had been found -M3 chip, The PC looked for the software and couldn't find it.

Where can I find software for this M3 chip OR does anyone else know of a way to get this tablet to boot.
I am told that the MID8065 is the same guts as the MID7065 and MID1065.

Waiting (patiently) for answers.

Many thanks for ANY help.