Zeepad 7 inches bootloop stuck


Oct 29, 2012
Hi! i'm new to the forums, please forgive my english.

i'd buyed a month ago a white tablet in some streets of Bolivia. i't came with a "SAMSUNG" logo that detached easily, i knew it was no samsung at all. but it was a killer price.

3 days ago, i was triying to change sdcard and extsd place guided from a tutorial founded here

Tablet Mods: Internal Memory and External SD Card Swap

it required change vold.fstab, done that i rebooted and... bootloop. endless bootlop in android logo

i have tried

draining battery and recharging (does nothing)

triyng to press pwr and vol+ (does not power on, just keep off and if you try to power normally doesnt work if you have not press 10 secs power alone)

power button and vol- (same thing)

power and vol+ and vol- (same thing)

i have to say that i cant FLASH it, or use ADB because the usb port is broken.

but i have heard that if you can upgrade OS by SDCARD it can fix the problem

my tablet is exactly like this

Zeepad(TM) New 7" Capacitive 512M/4G Tablet PC All Winners A13 Android 4.0 Cortex A8 White - Computers - Tablets & eReaders - Tablets

help anyone?
please help me my tablet is ly-f1 alldrospeed MID tablet,,,can someone post sa default vold.fstab script file? please