Combining Two Tablets into a Frankentablet

cybernetic necromancer

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Aug 21, 2014
I have two tablets. One is an Acer Iconia 10", and it has some features I am unfond of (it won't run recent versions of Android, it crashes a lot, it is slow, it is WiFi only, among others). the other is a 7" Verizon branded tablet, of unknown manufacture, that also has some features I am unfond of (it has a smashed screen, it has only 4G of native memory which is almost entirely filled with bloatware, among others).

If I were going to perform surgery in these, to build a single tablet from them, which one would be the main tablet, and which one would be the source for parts? I have done this sort of thing with laptops, but never attempted it with tablets before.

Apologies if the thread is in the wrong area.


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Dec 27, 2011
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I would be amazed if any parts from one would work in the other, if that's what you're asking. Even different tablets from the same company might be impossible.