Complete information?

Feb 2, 2011
I see no complete information or instructions to hack the pandigital black to simply run the android app market.. there is fragmented information at best about changing the firmware. I read through post after post, and tried every firmware mod there is in this forum. It seems people post thier "hack" with little information, then never respond to questions or problems. I mean really, if you are going to post a firmware change, then give complete instructions and monitor responses. Its sad that someone posted firmware that does not even have the black pdn. Granted, there are better tablets out there, but how hard is it to provide consistent information? Why bother posting then abandoning responses..

Goal: To simply use the android app market..


Nov 25, 2010
You might snoop as they have some posts on the black unit. It is different than the white in case you did not know so be sure the thread speaks of the black.

I know nothing about them :-( but info is beginning to come out about them over there.