Complete Newbie all around


Mar 25, 2011
Hello all. I am soo happy i found this website after discovering android tablets. I am 100% new to android as well as the tablet scene. I have ordered this particular tablet from ebay and it should be here any day
I have 9 years experience with computers; and have had many mp3-mp4 players; ipods; LED wifi TV; and many other gadgets-gaming systems so I do have some experience with electronic devices. However
I have no idea what "rooting" really means. I have read up some and get the idea that android apps are open and can be modified from each individual user which has it's pros and cons. I am very very excited :rolleyes: that I will be able to play around and individualize my tablet to fit my needs; but am also very very scared-skeptical :confused: that I might do some damage. If anyboy reads my post with personal experience-knowledge with upgrading; rooting; android apps and those relative areas I would greatly appreciate it!!! This will also be helpful to the rest of the newbies like myself!! Thank you so much all moderators and others who help us beginners!!! :)

I finally got my tablet yay! Encountered a small problem, when i turn it off, it resets back to it' original settings like the wallpaper etc. If someone stumbles across this thread andknows how to fix it i would be in heaven! Thanks

*UPDATE* I ordered a MID8650 epad with 2.2. It should be in tomorrow

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Generic - first welcome to the site, glad you found us.

Second, rooting plain and simple is just like becoming "Adminstrator" on a Windows PC, or if you are from the Linux/UNIX side of thing, becoming a "SuperUser." Android devices are shipped where you have a certain amount of access, but at the base level there are areas of the OS and functions that are locked off for various reasons. Gaining root gives you full access at that level of the operating system and allows you to control all aspects of your tablet.

Let us know when you get it and people will help you find out exactly what you are getting.
Thanks pb!! I'm looking forward to it all!!! I'm so happy I found this website.