Core Mod of AuGen Gentouch 78 Project


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Aug 4, 2010
Well I trying it a different way. Finally got the 64-bit drivers working on W7U but none of the AuGen Gentouch 64-bit would work. I had to go a different route. Below is a virtual - real-time view capture shot without rooting the device. Using my mouse pointer I can move around the device and install/run/remove apps. Explore the hidden root file system.


I'll trying to mod it and see if I can change the look of the UI


Okay this is what I've got to work. All what you seen was done on the PC side (download/install) I could have configured it also. Capture not HRES though, but good enough for my purpose to show you.The software is still beta though for x64 and x64 USB drivers I got from another source. But if you don't want do the root your GT78 this is another way you can do it. You do have access to all your files, sub files the root and everything on the main device plus access to \SDcard.

Device Manager (Android) - Android ADB Phone Interface x64 for Windows 7
PdaNet for Android x64-bit USB drivers works right out of the box once you connect the unit to your x64 W7U (none of the drivers from AuGen for Gentouch 78 didn't work)

UltimateFavs Pro for Android
UltimateFaves lets you organize your most frequently used items (apps, bookmarks, contact cards, phone numbers, etc.) in beautiful 3D carousels on your Android home screen. (this works creat on GT78 and doesn't take over like the other stuff in this class.

So now I just move my finger left or right and the 3D carousel holds about 16 apps turns around in a 360d circle. You can adjust the speed. This works right after you install it and open it. Press Menu to return to the prior desktop or configure it to do that when you run app from the carousel.
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Okay this is what I using after applying the latest patch from AuGen. I couldn't get the above to work after the patch was applied

Current UI is ihome for Android works right out of the box no configuration is needed, no rooting no widgets to download/install .


All Icons I just scroll to the left and right now. Gone is that hidden menu.
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Loaded up apps with AuGen Gentouch 78 Patched 8/21/10 : 16GB microSDHC Class (4) (4mb/s)

ihome for Android
Memory Lite
Advanced Task Killer Pro
OI File Manager
Dolphin Browser
Youtube HD
Web Sharing
WiFi Buddy
WiFi Analyzer
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