Creating Shortcuts to Home Page


Jan 20, 2012
I own a Velocity Cruz T410 tablet. I have found solutions to most of the problems over the past few days, but I am having a problem with shortcuts. I have 5 "home pages" to choose from. The main page has the icons for the applications that came installed with the tablet. I have several bookmarks to internet sites I use regularly. I tried to create shortcuts to the home pages through the proper procedure. I pressed an open spot on the home page, "create shortcut," "bookmark," and then chose the thumbnail of the site I wanted to bookmark. The shortcuts went to the home pages, no problem. However, within an hour or so they disappeared. I tried restarting the tablet and I tried sending them to all 5 separate home pages, but the shortcuts don't stay on any of these pages. I am so frustrated because I need these shortcuts, and it's a pain to get to any of the sites I use regularly.

I would appreciate any advice you can share. Thanks.