Tablet for video presentations


Jun 16, 2011
Hi everyone,

We sell magic gimmicks and we have created a few videos with presentation of those. Now I am trying to find the best solution for an on-site presentation device. And the Android tablet looks like it.

The idea is following:
Customer will see only shortcuts to video presentations (these may be simple desktop shortcuts or it may be inside of an app) but these videos should be the only thing he will have access to. This is necessary as we do not want anyone to set up the charset to chinese or something similarly stupid. Ideally it should return to the basic view after some time.

So my questions are:
1. Can Android make a direct shortcut to video?
2. Is there any option how we can prevent access to everything except these videos?
3. If the answers to the above are yes, then which device would you choose?

Any advice or practical experience is very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,