Cruz Ereader R103: Charge LED stays red.


Dec 27, 2010
I just got the R103 e-reader for Christmas. Pretty Cool. I noticed when I first charged it, the red LED was blinking or flickering with like a yellowish color mixed in. Then, after many hours, it changes to solid red. After I use it a while and re-charge it, it goes to the yellowish blinking routine again. According to the manual, its supposed to go Green when fully charged. My daughter got one of these as well and hers goes green. Mine however, stays RED. The battery does say that its at 100% though. Just very weird.


Dec 28, 2010
These instructions apply to an incorrect battery level indicator, but it might help in your situation... not sure.

(courtesy of Darkman in another forum)

This Assumes you have Root.

Fully charge then use root explorer go to data/system and delete batterystats.bin.
Then do not charge until it goes completely dead.
That will re-calibrate the battery read. if it still reads like that after the calibration, you need a new battery.

(note: your problem may have NOTHING to do with the battery - if that process does not help, I would call about possibly getting the unit replaced)