D2/DII Pad Speetest.net measurements


Dec 31, 2012
Now that I've been able to wrench it out of my 8yo's hands, where it's been clutched since Xmas morning, I've been messing around with the DII pad. I had a thread earlier about the noisy microphone doing voice over IP (unresolved problem), and got to wondering about the unit's wifi itself (after it lost connection entirely with our access point, necessitating turning wifi off and then back on again on the D2), so I downloaded the speedtest.net app.

The results are terrible. Where a wifi-connected Mac laptop gets 4Mbps download, an ethernet connected (on the same home network) iMac gets 5Mbps, my low-end android phone gets 3.8Mbps, the D2 pad is getting *under 400Kbps*. It's no wonder Netflix comes through so washed out, too. Interestingly, upload speeds are fine, at 700+kbps across all devices, which is about what we should be getting with our ADSL connection (we *should* be geting 7Mbps download/893k up, and I'll be honest I'm pretty concerned that the speeds, in general, are not up there, even while my kids are doing various internet-intensive things (Netflix on the iPad1 and probably Minecraft on a Windows7 machine) but seriously? 400kbps?? Sigh).

I'm interested in other people's results with speedtest.net on the D2 Pads (most helpfully as compared with the results from other devices on the same network).

Now I'm wondering if the microphone problem is actually related- a poor solder connection on the wifi circuit could both seriously maim wifi function AND cause audible interference on a microphone circuit.
To follow up a little, I just ran a ping to the D2 from my Mac (so, sending a single packet once per second) while recording video (with the built-in "camera" app)- when the ping is going, you can hear a tick once per second on the resulting video; when the ping stops, the noise the stops. It's only heard in video recorded while the ping is going- you don't hear the tick on audio playback of other videos even if the ping is left going during that playback. The (wifi) network activity is clearly (to me) interfering with the audio-in (microphone).