D2-711 vs DIIPad - opinions?


Dec 31, 2012
Back in November/December, these tablets were showing up at Big Lots, and it seems like the DII pad (which is the *older* version) was more desirable because it has 1GB RAM, vs the D2Pad's 512MB. I found a DII and got it, and it seemed to work fine, except that a few weeks after giving it to my daughter for Christmas we were realizing that its wifi was messed up, noisy (literally- noisy into the microphone) and slow (400kbps at best, and unreliable). The company was very responsive, and replaced the unit (I had to ship ours at my expense, though). The replacement unit seems to have some wifi problems, still, which I think may be actually inherent in the unit itself, not a manufacturing flaw (slow unless I shut off 802.11N in my wireless router to force only 802.11b/g; seemed to work well on my work network, but then when trying to download something it seemed to possibly take over the wifi making it unusable to my laptop right next to it on the desk- this is the sort of thing I can't just test while lots of people are in the office and might be, you know, needing the wifi network to get work done), and the company has offered to replace it, if I want, with the D2-711:

We are sorry to hear that the replacement unit still has the same problem and appreciated your valuable feedback. Please kindly be advised that we have already reported this to upper management for further investigation.Please kindly let us know if you are willing to try another replacement which we will exchange you with the newer model called D2-711.
I have the DIIPad and have never had any of the issues you mention. In fact, I bought a cheap N router at Big Lots not long after I bought my tablet and it (the tablet) works amazingly well with the N router. That said, if you're not happy with the DIIPad, and the company is willing to replace it, why not? It's not like it's an expensive tablet anyway.
I went to Big Lots recently and bought another version of the D2 pad. This newer version is model D2-721 and it has Android 4.1 on it. It has 1 gb of ram and a 800x600 resolution. It says its 1.2 ghz but I benchmarked and it was 1ghz. It has a rockchip processor instead of the allwinner one. It is way faster than the older models. This one is priced $90 though. So maybe check out one of the Big Lots around your area. They might have the new version. It has not given me any problems so far.
Thanks for the specs on the D2-721! It sounds remarkably decent, especially with the increased resolution. In my case, the company is offering an RMA for my DII-Pad that has wifi weirdnesses (even in the replacement one they sent), so I'm going to ask if they would be willing to swap for a D2-721. Otherwise I think I'll stick with my borderline DII (rather than spend *another* $10 on shipping it back). I replaced it for my 8yo with a Filemate Clear (1024x600 IPS screen- very nice) so at this point whatever D2 I have is all mine to mess around with.

Thanks for the information.

I have both versions of the D2, the older DII with 1GB RAM and the newer D2 with 512MB RAM, and they have worked well. No wi-fi issues on either tablet. I'm getting about 1.2 Meg down on both. They have been very good little basic tablets. All were purchased in Dec. 2012 for about 80.00 at Big Lots.

I also see Amazon now has the D2-721 listed for 89.99. The specs and link are below. Should be an interesting new tablet. I'm also going to check a few Big Lot stores in my area.

Best Buy and Amazon had the D2-711's on their website recently, but they all appear to be "Out of Stock" right now...Is the D2-721 in mulitple colors coming soon?

Amazon.com: D2 7-Inch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean/ 4GB/1 GB DDR3/4:3 Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Internet Tablet with One Pre-loaded Family Movie-Black: Computers & Accessories

Summary : Screen Size, Screen Resolution, Graphics Coprocessor, Graphics Card RAM
Screen Size
7 inches
Max Screen Resolution
800 x 600 pixels
1 GHz Apple A6
Wireless Type

Other Technical Details

Brand Name
Item model number
Operating System
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Item Weight
11.4 ounces
Item Dimensions L x W x H
7.04 x 0.43 x 5.39 inches
Processor Brand
All Winner A13
Flash Memory Size

I think I've just gotten unlucky, or *possibly* the replacement I have is working as designed (but it really didn't work well when my home network was set to 802.11N) and I'm just being picky. The company has been very responsive to me. I went ahead and asked in my RMA support ticket about replacing with a D2-721 because, uh, why not, if they'll do it? If they won't, I'm not going to badmouth 'em for it, it'd be totally within their rights not to.

Besides the D2-721, Amazon now shows ("ships in 2-4 weeks") a D2-712 in multiple colors, which appears to be identical to the D2-711 but with Android OS 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and a rubberized finish.

Amazon.com: D2 7-Inch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean/ 4GB/512MB DDR3/16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Internet Tablet with One Pre-loaded Family Movie - Blue: Computers & Accessories
My D2-912 came up with a blue line through the screen, so I took it back to Big Lots and got another one today, same model. Now that I get home I see more info on this D-721 that has 2 x the amount of ram along with a different processor at 1.2 GHz over th 1GHz. Not too interested in the kiddie apps, but I think I can delete some of the more obnoxious ones. My other had Skyper, Kindle, FoxNews, Firefox, Amazon apps download, Google Maps, a nice weather program, and a few other things I put on it. I uninsalled it all, along wtih removing my email account on there before I took it back. Now I am thinking that maybe this D2-721 might be a little better tablet, just a wee bit smaller.