Dell Latitude ST


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Feb 23, 2019
hey everyone i honestly couldnt figure out where this fits in, i was given a free dell latitude st tablet with a bad battery and the stand and am wanting to install android os on it, i got a version of android x86 installed however i have no wifi or bluetooth, does anyone have any ideas i can try?


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Jun 16, 2012
Where you posted this is ok, since you are talking about running Android on the tablet. Android x86 however I don't feel is the best choice. It's very bare bones and, as you're discovering, doesn't include support for your devices. Your alternatives aren't many here, as the x86-based Android scene has dried up. About the only viable alternative out there is PhoenixOS, but PhoenixOS is a Chinese product and doesn't include the Google apps in its system image. It also bundles some Chinese-language games in the system image. Installing apps from outside sources such as APK Mirror is relatively easy, but installing Play Store support is not.

The other options available out there are primarily emulators, requiring Windows. I've tried PhoenixOS and the now-discontinued RemixOS, and both of them did an excellent job emulating the Windows feel, but the lack of Play Store support and the difficulty in adding it in PhoenixOS plus RemixOS being discontinued was a turn-off. This conversation however does remind me that I should have thrown CloudReady (ChromiumOS) on the Toshiba Netbook I bought for $20 at the thrift store instead of Lubuntu.