Dell Streak getting Froyo soon


Staff member
Dec 15, 2009

The Dell Streak is a device that has sold quite well with many AT&T users, and as a thank you, Dell is now bringing the most anticipated update soon. That’s right, we can all look forward to knowing that our recent purchase is not going to go without the Froyo update for much longer. This report comes straight from the horse’s mouth, and they say unlocked devices will get it soon, while we AT&T users will get it later in December. The updated build will have some new features including support for Flash 10.1 and new applications such as a native Twitter client, Skype and Firefox. It also brings in "enhanced Microsoft Exchange support," the company said. The OS also builds in a new user interface called the Dell Stage Interface, which will make it easier for users to spot applications, movies, books and other content on the device.

(Source: PCWorld & AT&T Android Forum)