Difference between T-Mobile and Verizon Galaxy Tab


Nov 6, 2010
Just wondering, is there a preference to go with T-Mobile or Verizon's Tab? Hardware, hackability, etc. Not necessarily a discussion on phone service or data service since I'm probably not going to use it.
I was wondering, when this tabs will be avaliable for selling ? i will be for a short time in NYC on next week, ans i hope to buy one...
I think Samsung as usual is being sloppy. If you look at the pics and compare the tabs from the different carriers, they all appear to have the flash.
LOL. No tablet has 2GB RAM.

Well you are technical correct, and incorrect use of the word RAM on my part. But the values I posted for memory are accurate. Look at the attached screenshot from my Tmo Tab. I suspect Samsung has reserved part of the 16gb internal SD memory for Apps. That being said, the AT&T Tab in the above chart probably more accurately reflects actual T-Mobile memory configuration.

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