Disgo 6000 basically a paperweight?


Jun 12, 2012
Hi all, first post!!

I've had a disgo 6000 sitting in the cupboard for ages since it was given to me, I just started playing with it and updated it to android 2.2.

I'm just wondering what those who own one of these actually do with it? The software/hardware limitations make the thing practically useless as far as I can see, obviously a custom rom could go a long way to making it alright to use.

I suppose it could be of use as an mp3 player for the car with the otg cable to plug in usb sticks with music.

I'm just interested to know if anyone is getting any use out of this tablet :confused:
It all depends of what you want to do whit it, I have a sylvania sytabex7 which its the same, just another brand, I too upgraded to 2.2;

What can you do with it? I really don't know on yours, but in mine I can talk over Skype, send free text messages to any cel over the world with heywire, I can watch movies and tv show over Netflix(mine works well), I have a flash player over puffin Web browser, I can listen to any radio station over the world with tune in radio pro, also watch internet tv over the channer, check my email accounts, office work over some office programs, and I found a nice little apk call nettalk that allows to make call over wifi free to any cel and normal phone lines, besides the mp3 player, download music, YouTube works well on mine, and so on; its not an iPad, but I Haved managed it very well, what its missing a camera, but you can still watch pictures if you download it, you can use air droid to sync your tab with any PC, send and receive anything including contacts, upload and download to the tab without taking out the sd card out, no cable to attach, everything over wifi, so as you can see, the thing has progressed a lot,

Besides the low price that I purchased it, ($89 inc tax), you can download Swype to change the way to manage it, it works well too, some games that I installed, basically angry birds the whole series; this tablets has potential, but the people don't realize what they can achieve until you dive into them,

Hope you can do some of the stuff that I do with mine, everything its well explained over the whole forum, so you'll have to read a little more to know what to do,



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