DockMode digital clock app


Jun 19, 2010
I just released a little app that I think is well suited for tablets, especially if you have a dock for your tablet and use that when you leave the tablet on your desk or at night while recharging. the app is free and can be downloaded here: DockMode | SlideME

Also, no ads are included in the app so that means no internet connection is needed.
Oh, man, you are great! I have been dreaming develop this kind of app for my Android tablet for a long time but I still not have done because of my busy working shedule.
Now, I accidently found your message here. I will try it and hopely it will work well.
Ths for sharing this.
Glad you like it. Maybe I will develop a better one in the future. I have something a little more advanced in plan for a long time but failed to find the time to do it. Anyway...I expect the next to have these functions:
- Clock
- Date
- Alarm
- weather somewhere eon the screen
- changeable background
- upcoming events (maybe)

What do you thing a fair price would be for this. I am thinking at about 1.99$