Downloading Same Items Over and Over Again


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Aug 8, 2014
I have Kindle on my TF300T Asus Tablet. For some reason, starting about four or five days ago, my tablet is continually showing that it is downloading the same books over and over again. I don't know why. The books are in my library. I synced everything. I go up to the top and bring down the list and then X out of the list. This clears the downloading icons from the top, but a few minutes later, it starts all over again. I know it isn't physically downloading the same books because they don't show up as new downloaded books. So, in conclusion, it's just a pain. I have read everything I can to try and see what is going on. Does anyone have a suggestion or a way to stop this? It's just the not knowing that is driiving me nuts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Dec 27, 2011
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Try this. Go to settings then the app manager, scroll to all and find the Kindle app. Tap it and tell it to clear the cache then force stop and restart your TF.