empty library after rooted 1.1.0 update


Feb 2, 2011
Just did the update with CWR and the pre-rooted 1.1.0 and everything seems to be working fine, except that my library is now empty. If I go into the shop, to a book i've already purchased, it does not give the option to download it again, but if I click the purchase button it pops up an error saying I already own this book. I can download the books into My Files on the nook via usb, and then they will show up, although the book covers are blank.
Did you reboot after rom flash? Did you perform any sort of wipe in CWR, before flashing rom? Did you do a full backup in CWR? If so, you may want to restore back to 1.0.1, check you nook_color_1.1rom image and then reflash.
I just followed the steps in the thread. Backed-up with CWR, loaded 1.1.0r2 and let it do its thing, then rebooted back to the normal launcher. I didnt wipe anything, cause it said not to.
Sounds correct except "went back to normal launcher", so something went wrong. What version software does device info say?
sorry my bad. by normal launcher, i meant my normal home screen with all my apps, how I had it before I updated.
Best advice I can think of is to restore back, at least that is what I would do.
ill give it a shot. how do I check nook_color_1.1rom image, and for what?