Easy “Root” procedure for SuperPAD (Flytouch 2)


Jan 4, 2011
Download Z4Root: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

How to install Z4Root on the SuperPAD

1. Copy the Z4Root.apk file onto a Micro SD card.
2. Plug the SD Card into the upper most SD slot. (Default) and open it with the Wowfilemanager.
3. Select the Z4Root.apk file and install it.
4. Go to your SuperPAD apps list and select Z4 Root. You will be presented with two options, Temporary Root and Permanent Root. I think it best to initially select “Temporary” until you are comfortable that Z4 Root doesn’t conflick with anything. Otherwise, just go ahead and select “Permanent” root.
5. Restart the device to finish the rooting.

Below is a good choice of other apps you should download and install:

Backup software (for Rooted or not), download from The Market

Root Explorer
To edit system files you cannot access without Z4Root, download from The Market
I have a Flytouch Superpad Model SAWEE10. I want to root it and upgrade the Android OS to 2.2+. Will this way work for me?