Epad LNX Code 11, Start up issues? Help,Help

Paul S

Senior Member
Nov 18, 2010
Hi jusy recieved my new Epad today from China, but the machine won't boot up? I have charged it and reset it, but still no joy, I am getting a fixed blue light showing when turned on but no screen, I have no idea about android devices so have no idea how it runs or should run or re installing the operating system, it says it is running 2.1 on a 1.0GHz Code 11 processor, 256 Ram DDR11, 2GB flash NAND, it is 10' screen? Any help would be very much appreciated? Please?


Senior Member
Nov 10, 2010
Take a look at the site for "zenithink usa" if that is your model go under the support section and watch the video on how to flash the rom