External keyboard for Android tablet?

hello everyone. I really don't know how to operate this site , neither this new device, i had it for seven days and have been trying to operate the keypad and the touch screen, i think it is either defectative or not programmed. can anyoine help me?
I just got my Superpad II Android 2.2 and hooked an external keyboard to it. All the keys work with exception of the shift key which doesn't allow me to capitalize letters or use the special charachters that must be used in conjunction with the shift key. I hook the external keyboard to my laptop and the shift key works with my laptop, so apparently the keyboard is not defective. Do I have to change settings in the tablet PC for the shift key to work or am I out of luck? Please advise.2 WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT, BUT 3 LEFTS DO!:)
I tried USB and ended up with Bluetooth: the first keyboard was a Targus and from there to the Acer keboard. I started with and kept the Microsoft 5000 or whatever it is mouse. An external keyboard is a necessity for long-term input.
It is pretty much as OffWorld says, however Honeycomb tablets tend to have this as its built into honeycomb. As far as I am aware this isn't built into phone android versions so would be an manufacturer add on, however there are some keyboards that do come with the necessary bluetooth software that works via the bluetooth connection of your phone and work pretty well..
I purchased a HaiPad M7(SAMSUNG PV210) Tablet PC from PickEgg, as a package with a case/keboard that connects to the tablet via mini USB adapter like OffWorld said. Seems to work just fine, but I've only had it a couple days, so I havnt noticed the quirks mentioned here
Hello, I have an Icoo D70 Pro 2 with a broken touch screen. I can make the unit work just fine with the mini USB keyboard, but, I can't figure out how to slide the WIFI to the on position from the keyboard. Does anyone here know what combination or sequence of keyboard keys would slide the WIFI button to the on position. It's Android 4.1.