facebook registration pop-up


Aug 27, 2012
i have an iconia a500 recently i changed the email on my facebook account and a pop up window appears now and then asking for the pasword for facebook
it has my old accound and when i put the passowrd it says incorrect username or password the pop up wont let me change the email account and therefore the password is incorrect where do i deactivate this pop up
Try going into Settings > Apps > All (tab), selecting Facebook Web, and the selecting Clear data. If you don't use the app, then from there you can uninstall all updates, and then select the Disable button when that appears. (You can only disable built-in app if your tablet is running at least Android 4.)

If that does not resolve the problem, look for the account under Settings > Accounts & sync, and remove it from there by selecting the account, and then pressing the menu button on the upper right corner of the screen to reveal the "Remove account" item.