[Featured] Man Wants to Trade His 'Old Leg' for an Android Tablet


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Jan 5, 2011

Brace yourself! Here's a shank of Android humor for the day. Frequently in life we hear people blurt out the phrase, "I would give an arm and a leg for..."

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's not something you expect to be literal, but sometimes the stuff you find on the internet just stretches belief. Case in point... we found a post on Craigslist in which the member wants to trade his prosthetic leg for an Android tablet! Yes... really.

In one segment of his listing, the brave man shares that he can't afford even a used Android tablet, so he needs the support of a generous soul willing to trade their Android tablet for his old leg.

Here's a quote from his post,

I'd like to trade an old, thoroughly used prothetic leg with flex foot attached for a functional Android tablet or Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. You could turn it into a piece of art if you liked...or whatever other strange purposes you might have for a prosthetic leg. I won't judge, I just want the thing gone and I recently had it pointed out to me that you can draw with those little tablets and I wouldn't need to drag a bag full of pencils around with me when I go to the doctor and stuff if I had one. Being of limited means (about all I've got is an old leg) I can't afford to buy one, not even a used one. So....a leg for an Android. Maybe you want to start building an android......

To be clear, we are not poking fun at the person who left this Craigslist ad. This article is meant to be "tongue in cheek." We admire his obvious sense of humor about the situation which is propped up in his Craigslist column. Also, we fully respect his desire to "get a leg up" on technology, especially since it's a piece of technology that is near and dear to our hearts. We definitely support him, and wish him luck in this portion of his quest for an Android tablet!
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