Firmware upgrade!


Dec 4, 2010
I have a Android MID 7 inch tablet. Not sure what company made it although i know it was made in china. it says its model number is generic, firmware versions 1.6 Kernel version 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty and build number WMT2.0.1_88.

I want to know if there is a way to upgrade it's firmware to 2.1 or 2.2. It doesn't connect through usb but i've seen a website with a download for version 1.7 and you put it on the Micro SD card. There is also no automatic upgrade and nothing to click on in the about device section of the settings.

Thanks for any help :)
Keep in mind three basic facts about your tablet.
1. It is one of the group of low power/low cost processor groups. It uses the VIA8505 WMT processor Chipset. These are known as not being powerhouse devices. But are fine as e-readers or simple web browsers
2. There is a difference between Firmware and Android Version. You mixed them in your post. Android for Tablets versions are (Right Now)
2.0.1/2.1 - Eclair
2.2 - Froyo
You cannot upgrade to 1.7 as it does not exist. There is a stable firmware for this chipset called 1.7.4 but you have a newer version with your 2.0.1_88 The Android base is sometimes called "firmware version" when looking at system info. They mean ANDROID Version base on the firmware.
3. Search TipStir's posts. He is the authority on the low power processor/firmwares. Research under flytouch, VIA, EKen and similar. You will want to not plan any firmware update until you find a compatible firmware and understand the process. Do not just do it. That is how to turn your tablet into an electronic Brick
I tried changing my Apad's firmware. I have it updated to 2.0.1_88 but then the screen doesn't react while being touched.
I have a MID 1.6. when my daughter activated the pattern lock by accident and the tablet could not be unlocked, I tried to upgrade the Android firmware and bricked it. Is there any way to get firmware that will work??

Please respond to [email protected].
HELLO I HAVE A TABLET MID WM8650 SE FORMAT FOR ERROR AND NOW I SEE A SIGN THAT SAYS (system is demaged, please try recover from external storage.) DO NOT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME
I got the same problem and tried to install the firmware Uberoid V8, 10 and 11 but still got nothing and when i got the exact model no. the touch is not working
please help with the original software or the compatible software to work on the tablet as it is dead now

THis is the model no for my Tablet. needed the original firmware or an updates ROM
Hi, I am expecting a " Eken MB702 Google Android 2 Point Gingerbread 7" 2.3 Tablet " that needs a firmware replacement and need to know where i can find the gingerbread for this tablet.. Does anyone know where i might find it official or non official ? Should have it by the middle of next week, 25th so need to locate it if at all possible. I do know that almost everything is possible, it's just when....
Thanks in advance
I bought an MID 7" Touch Screen Android 2.2 Tablet GSM PC phone, WM8650 300MHz processor, build 1.5.7, and in my excitement, I connected a. 500gb external USB hard disk to it and the tablet frooze and then went of. Since then, each time I turn it on, the Android Robot appears and keeps dancing perpertually. After going through some online forums, I downloaded and installed 2 different firmwares and each one of them show on half of my screen. How do I get the original firmware or does anyone know what I can do to make it work again? Thanks in advance
I am still looking for Tipstirs Post so i can find gingerbread 2.3 rom firmware to download since i have received a couple Eken MB702 tablets that need to be reflashed. Can anyone direct me to the post? Will keep looking.
I am still looking for Tipstirs Post so i can find gingerbread 2.3 rom firmware to download since i have received a couple Eken MB702 tablets that need to be reflashed. Can anyone direct me to the post? Will keep looking.
I have been seeing these Eken MB702 a lot lately on ebay for less then $15 used $100 new. all used ones need firmware flashed, they wont boot up. Does your boot up? I thought about buying one fix it up an resell it, but the new cost is to low, wont be able to make anything on tablet.
thanks for the reply, well i always buy my tablets non working just for the challange fixing them. yes i got a few of this tablet. One works great now. the others need to be flashed so i was looking for the correct firmware. i think i found it earlier tonight but have not had much time to work on them.
In the past several weeks i have fixed, 19 tablets, and several to go. Many were just loose connections, or bad firmware.