First Clone of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 10" Tablet based on Freescale iMX515


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Jul 9, 2010

Three months after the Samsung Galaxy Tab's launch, we will soon see the first clone of the device straight from China, revealed by the spy snapshot above, and labeled as the APAD IMX515 G10. It should be making its way onto international shores within a couple of months.

It is rumored to be a 10" device with a resolution of 1024x600 with a mostly plastic casing, Android 2.2, a 800 MHz Freescale iMX515 processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB of onboard ROM. The type of touch interface hasn't been revealed yet. Prices are expected to be well below $200USD per unit from the factory, and should well undercut any version of the Galaxy Tab. The screen quality cannot be expected to be very good.

The Freescale iMX515 platform is no stranger for finding its way in clones, and is certainly gaining popularity in this way. The bulletin-board where the spyshot was found is also where a budget 8" iPad clone based on the Freescale iMX515 is being promoted since November of last year. There has also been a 1:1 iPad Freescale iMX515 clone based on the same platform that has recently started to ship.

It will be an interesting "restive" screen I bet ;)

The sub $200.00 is very pleasing though... and I think the lower-end Tablet market is going to be exploding soon.
Amazing if it comes out at sub 200 for a 10" tablet. Not that i will get one but great for all those that are budget conscience

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I expect sub-$200 Honeycomb clones with over > 1GB CPU and > 4GB memory, both 10" and 7"-8" form factors by October. That will probably be my next clone purchase.
Those probably wouldn't necessarily be clones, but variants of the Malata T2, Viewsonic gTablet and Advent Vega having proper price drops.

The Android tablet market is getting quite crowded. I think we are going to continue to see iPad clones mostly. Android tablet clones will be rare.
seems decent for under $200, does any one know when this will be released??? or when it will start selling in online stores and which ones will sell it???
More info/rumors I heard...

Also, more pictures...

It will be out end of February. 3G module is going to be an option for a bunch of them.

I think I underestimated the pricing slightly because I didn't account for the 3G functionality. Apparently, I completely missed the presence of the SIM card slot... If it is a wifi-only model, it will be below $200. And this estimate is based on a resistive touch interface. 3G capable units will start selling for probably around $50 more.

If it is capacitive, it might cost between $50-100 more. The WITS A81G's resistive to capacitive upgrade cost around $60 in retail figures on a 7" screen, as a point of reference.
And it runs Android:


Notion Ink Adam file browser?

Should be a resistive touchscreen coupled with a low quality LCD (you can tell from the picture). Still might be an interesting choice for a 10" tablet

More pictures appeared: