flash player for x220 tablet?


Dec 19, 2010
i have a x220 tablet (10.2) from for infotmic, have android 2.1 version and version nucleo 3 deb-2.1.1001. i need to know if I can install adobe flash player or some program for chat with the cam? an d i want to see movie online, but i need flash player, Thanks for all
Flash support is not currently available for this device as it will not run with android version 2.1. However, if you download and use the skyfire browser from the market many flash videos will work.
BBC's iPlayer works on a Hero running 2.1 using ~Skyfire. That's just as I got snotty with the BBC after they disabled the stream Beebplayer used.

I'll try it on the tablet when I get a wifi connection.
thats good to know. Can I play flash based games on FACEBOOK TOO via SkyFire ?

it seems that much like a regular pc, mac and the ipad facebook HATES loading flash games at the moment.

but it looks like a no, no farmville, assassins creed legacy or dragon age legends etc. at the moment.