Flytouch Generic 7'' in a coma... HELP Please


Mar 10, 2011
Generic Flytouch 7''
2.0._105 or 2.1_105 (not sure)
OS: Google Andriod 1.6
CPU: VIA 2808 800Mhz
RAM: 256 MB de RAM / 800 MHz
Vibrates when turning On
Green light On
Red light Power

When i received my tablet i though it was an M002 from Eken and i tried to update his firmware accordingly
with the m002 firmwares from the eken support...

The problem started there, i got the "--> Erase File-System partition Fail! Exit!" + ""Maybe the kernel don't support this NAND Flash" -- Error messages

I tried M001 firmware... same problem.

I bought a new tf card... no results...

I contacted the seller and he told me that my tablet was a Flytouch Generic and he sold me 2 factory firmwares for me to try to resolve this, but with no guaranties... Well, none worked. I got the message: "Prepare software package..." and waited 30 minutes for each before turning it Off.

The seller told me that the Eken Firmware probably changed the internal memory...

Is there a solution for this? Is this a terminal state for my tablet droid? :(