Flytouch Generic ? Tried over 70 ROMs , Full Story with Tablet Photo inside and Part


Feb 17, 2012
Hello !
I bought no name Tablet of Ebay spent few days , Tried over 70 ROMs and only 1 boots in Android OS .
Eken_m006_Uberoid_88_wmt2.0_20110201 Its only ROM that boots in . Still its for more inches and touch wont work .
I am not sure its Flytouch one but as i read if it Vibrate on start it is probably Flytouch .
1.Green Led
2.Vibrate on Start
3. WMT i got it with was 1.7.4v1 but i think some1 updated it before so idk BASE WMT it came with .
4. RAM seems to be 128mb BUT Hynix site says its 1 GB ?
5. CPU is WM8505+
6. It has 24 pin Connector
7.BOX was no name just Android Tablet Personal Computer on it
8. It has Camera and Power, Menu, Vol+ Vol- buttons
9. It is 7 " Tablet
10. It looks like this beside its all Black

If you need any more datas i will UPDATE .
List of ROMs i tried and Photos are below please help !

ROMs list

Tablet inside 1

Tablet inside 2

Thanks for help in advance
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