The tablet skips "Prepare software package...."


May 13, 2011
I bought a Tablet PC. The name of the tablet pc is: "JAY-tech PID7901".
I checked some things and I come to the decision that the tablet pc is of the "Generic" manufactur like the Flytouchs.

Here some screens with informations:

7" touch screen
2gb intern memory
VIA 8505 300 MHz processor (but one app says what else - look at the screens)

1. What's the device's LED color when it's turned on ? Blue or Green ?
No LEDs are there

2. Does the tablet vibrate at start up ?

3. Does the tablet have a green or black audio port ?

4. Which connector has your tablet, 24 pins or 30 pins ?
It's a mini usb connector. Here is a picture of it:

5. Which WMT version is it ? You can find that rightunder when booting or in settings\about device.

6. What is your actual RAM Size ? 128MB or 256MB ?
One App shows 102MB but the package of the tablet says it's 128MB.

7. What did the box label say ? MID / iRobot / ePad / aPad / SmartPad etc.
Nothing like this. The box is white and on it ist the tablet pc.

Here is a YouTube-Video of my Tablet PC. It looks like this 100% (the tablet pc and the box):

So I tried many ROM's but it looks like that the Table PC can't load it.
Everytime I copy the script folder in the root of my 4GB MicroSD-HC-Card (formated with the HP format tool - FAT32), start the Table PC with my Card this message is shown: "Prepare software package..." or a other message (like the version of the ROM in the script folder). It depends on the ROM BUT I never get a error message.

So normally the Tablet PC should load the ROM. But the only thing what it makes is:
It shows the message for about 3 - 5 seconds and then it's booting normally to the old Android ROM.

I only need the Google Android Market to install one or two apps because on this Tablet PC it isn't installed.

Thanks in advance.
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