Galaxy Tab for $600 at Verizon


Jul 31, 2010
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Samsung Electronics Co.'s Galaxy Tab, one of the first tablets to rival Apple Inc.'s iPad, will hit Verizon Wireless stores Nov. 11 and cost $599.99.

The Samsung seven-inch tablet will run on Verizon's 3G wireless network. Apple's iPads capable of 3G service, running on AT&T Inc.'s network, start at $629.
Verizon Wireless said it will sell data plans beginning at $20 a month for one gigabyte of data for the Samsung tablet. AT&T and Sprint Nextel Corp. also plan to offer the Galaxy Tab.

Many device makers, such as BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd., have announced tablets to rival Apple's device. Apple said Monday it sold 4.2 million iPads—which have a 9.7-inch screen—-during its latest quarter. The device became available in April.
Apple said last week it would start selling its iPads at Verizon stores on Oct. 28, expanding the tablet's distribution with the holiday season looming.
It will give customers the option to bundle their iPad with a "MiFi" wireless device, which connects to the carrier's cellular networks and creates a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that can support up to five devices. It also said it would offer customers 1 gigabyte of data for $20 a month.